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Не большое интервью Натали Дормер (Ирен Адлер) для EW (англ.):

Самое интересное, что было мною почерпнуто из него (#осторожноспойлер): Ирен - реставратор. Как-то раз ШХ понадобилась консультация человека, разбирающегося в искусстве - так ребята и познакомились.:inlove:

EW: Natalie Dormer talks ‘Elementary’ arc as Irene Adler

“It’s a real privilege to be asked to play that one woman who has gotten under Sherlock’s skin,” Dormer says, noting that Elementary creator Robert Doherty was a fan of her work on the 2011 cult supernatural British TV show The Fades.

Unsure if her schedule would align with the show’s, Doherty and fellow exec producer Carl Beverly wouldn’t tell her much about the arc when they first met. “We had this kind of really amusing conversation where they were like, ‘We love you!’ And I was like, ‘I love you!’” she recalls. Though she got all the details when she officially signed on, she’s still going to be “reasonably coy” with us…

What we do know is that in this incarnation, Irene is presumed dead at the hands of Moriarty — the reason Sherlock started his downward spiral and moved to New York. We meet her in flashback and find out she worked in art restoration and met Holmes when she was asked to consult on a case.

“Occasionally, two personalities bump into each other and this mad chemical reaction happens — and not just sexual. Obviously because of the nature of Sherlock Holmes, it’s cerebral as well. He has to engage with somebody on an intellectual level to really be inspired or intoxicated by them. And the feeling is mutual,” Dormer says. “Irene brings out an entirely different side of his personality that no one else has yet been privy to. So it’s interesting to see Sherlock go through that turmoil.”

Whether this Irene Adler can be trusted remains to be seen. “God knows, because I’m the nicest person you could hope to meet,” Dormer says, when asked how she’s able to play such deliciously deceptive women. “I’m not clever enough to be in machinations and real politics. I was in D.C. for the White House Correspondents Dinner, and I know enough about my West Wing, and my Aaron Sorkin, and my House of Cards to know that I couldn’t do that in real life. So it’s just a pleasure to play something that you can really sink your teeth into.”

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Обломки эти я сберёг среди руин
Уже не терпится увидеть эту серию))читать дальше

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Moon Mouse
Антивирус Ирэн Адлер. Поимеет не только вирус, но и весь компьютер | Генератор бреда | Кибермышь
Hikimaru, читать дальше


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